The Broken Princess

No One Put Back Together

19 August
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Hi! My name's Harmony Kendall, and I'm a student at Sunnydale High! I'm one of what the lower social status calls popular. I just consider myself mondo lucky.

My best friend is Cordelia Chase, we've had a few arguments in our day, the major one being who is way prettier? She's just a sore looser, but I love her anyway. *Gucci Kisses*

Alas, ever since Miss Chase, came around, the spotlight has been eternaly off of me. Not that I mind *smile* It's better to stand on the edge of the spotlight, than out of it completely! Right?

I had it all til she came around, taking away everythign I had known since I was small. It was hard to adjust at first, but I'm making it! I've got my pride you know? I'm the fallen princess, that no one has put back together. (thanks Shay!) But, I'll be ok, A girl does what she has to to get by.